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Kent, WA 98035

Associations: Rotary Club • American Legion • Honorable Veteran with 10 Years of Service
  Past Chair of Black Achiever's •  Past PR Director for NabVets
Awards: Metropolitan king County Council Award in 2008 People Helper Award Recipient


Charitable Organization Based in Kent, Washington

Woman, Domestic Violence Support in Kent, WA

Receive domestic violence and community support from our charitable organization in Kent, Washington. For more than 12 years,R Place of Refuge has been providing domestic violence and disaster relief to those in need. Contact us at (866) 805-0047 to have us help you reunify your family during your time of crisis.



Community Service & Support
Our charitable organization is working towards helping to better the families in our community in many different ways.

National Disaster Relief organization who has been successful

in providing refuge, resources, and restoration to hurricane

Katrina, Rita, and Washington flood victims.


Our primary focus is to provide support to families and children

affected by domestic violence, abuse, or terminal illness. We are

dedicated to supporting our military spouses and children while

they are serving our country.


We are supported by corporate donor, sponsorship, and individual

donations. Our team is structured and managed by volunteers.

No paid employees.

95% of donations go to disaster relief funds.

From our domestic violence support and community service programs to our disaster relief and transitional housing services, our goal is to help the world become a better place.


Kelly Carroll

Executive Director


                                                                                                          Domestic Violence Support    

If you are a woman or a child who has suffered from domestic abuse or a violent crime, our charitable organization is here to help you.Our domestic violence support program provides you with food, clothing, housing resources, furniture, and everything else you need to restart your life away from violence. Additionally, we provide advocacy and case management services to help you find the justice you deserve.

             Contact us at (866) 805-0047 to find out how our charitable organization can best assist you.
                         We Have Locations Across Seattle & Kent Washington

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